I am Trish Lewis-Clark,
the Dental Detective™

  • Looking to build a team of excellence?
  • Not sure where the breakdown in communication in your practice is?
  • Ready to grow, learn and bring back some FUN into dentistry?

I’m here for you.


Dental Detective Analysis

My unique, boutique Dental Detective™ Analysis will offer a complete overview of the overall health of your practice. From initial appointment setting to post-appointment follow up, this comprehensive service covers analysis and methods of improvement for team cohesion, client communication, image projection, essential job functions and more. Contact me today to get started with your free 30-minute consultation!

Fostering Team Togetherness

A positive office culture can make all the difference in your practice’s productivity. Our personalized team building exercises are strategically implemented based on the personality traits unique to your employees, ensuring effective outcomes and noticeable results. Whether you’re trying to resolve conflict within the practice or simply looking to improve the cohesiveness of your team, I’m here to help. Click here to learn more about team building exercises by contacting me today.

Productivity for Profitability

With extensive experience in the dental field I can help train you and your employees in various departments of practice management, including software training, scheduling systems for profitability, phone etiquette, and mastering patient care. By improving the efficiency of your practice, you’ll be able to find new opportunities for growth. Contact me today to learn more!